Video Reel

Clip from "Found"

A short clip from "Found" from Cross Purposes Productions. This is a scene in the sheriff's office with Wendy Piper and Jesse Stam. I had a lot of fun working on this film this fall including the chance to work with a lot of old friends from Barter, including writer-director David Alford.

Clip from My Last Best Friend

This is a clip from the short film My Last Best Friend, produced by Fat Dragon Productions. It stars Katy Brown, the current Producing Artistic Director at Barter Theatre. Working on the film was my first time meeting Katy (nearly 20 years ago!) and over the years she has become a great friend and one of my favorite artistic collaborators. She is one of the finest stage directors in America.

This World Trailer

Here's a trailer from the 2012 release THIS WORLD featuring Nicholas Piper and Jamie Farr. John Hardy and I worked on the script for THIS WORLD for over two years in one of the most unique writing processes I've ever been through. We had a terrific cast and working with them was a real joy, including working with Jamie Farr and my old pal Pat Cronin, a couple of wonderful film veterans and genuinely gracious gentlemen.